What to watch

There are 5 things to look out when you go to ask someone to build your webpsite.

Website template

In no cases do not accept if you suggest a ready template in order to reduce construction costs, because this template which they will suggest will not be unique and it will be answered in a few hundred other websites arroung the web. Lets not forget we are talking about your website in which you should use your own ideas, your own colors and most of all your own inspiration.

Website Maintenance

Before starting the process to build the website you should check with the person who you outsource to develop it for free maintenance without any gain of money. This period usually lasts about a month so that differentiations want to be, will be determined at this time that you will be familiar with the website and see if things are the way they expected to be, of course we are not talking about a complete change of page.


Managing a website is complicated affair but learned quickly and easily. So, apart from the construction of the website, the designer will be by your side throughout your effort to understand and learn to manage the website, answering even the simplest questions.


You should never grant someone to build your website if you are not sure of the copyright owner of the website. Many web developers, deliver the standards, applications, etc. for creating and hosting the website, but you have no copyright over their websites. This conceals many dangers, because if you later decide to change the owner hospitality or transfer your website with texts, photos and other items on another website, you will encounter many difficulties and will eventually leave the website and labors which took you so long to upload, while leaving to the holder, a website with traffic, old domainname etc. Avoid other leasing websites which costes your website by paying each month.

Web Hosting

Most design packages and web hosting includs a period of 6 months to 2 years. Take care to ensure you have the maximum that this hosting package provides you cope with the demands of website you want to build. In some cases, the characteristics of hospitality are minimal for the website so even before the end of the free hosting, the owner of the website is forced to transfer your website to another hosting holder, resulting not only extra spending money, but the hassle himself and his visitors.