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    THEODOSOPOULOS ARTGREKA produces hand made bronze sculptures of high quality. The widest range of our collection is a reproduction of ancient Greek sculptures that exist in museums all over the world, and another part is items inspired by ancient Greek mythology, manufactured by us or sculptors. All our products are handmade and have a museum-like oxidization.

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  • ironsculptures.gr


    When experience and imagination meet with craftsmanship and artistry, they form a hard material like iron into a work of art unique and handmade. Our company started in the mid 70s fabricating original iron stairs and railings and creative expansion continues with its range of handmade metal works of art varyng in designs, sizes and usage patterns.

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  • body.gr


    We created for you an E-Shop where the shopping is a pleasant and fun experience. You can buy with comfort as you would in any physical store. Even if you have not re buy online, following the instructions that we have in each step, you can complete your order. Try it!

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